Slide Mercedes P&Co MTV SOUND DESIGN Friends of the Earth FIFA Friends of the Earth - 'We've All Been There'
Agency - Stink
w/ Five Missions More
The Sprint King British Cycling Mercedes '4Matic'
FitsYou Cuckooing C&I Cuckooing
Hypericum Films
w/ Ten 07 Productions
HSBC Fits You - Silmo 2019
w/ Fuel 3D
S7 British Cycling - 'Share Trotty's Ride'
w/ Bibliotheque
The Sprint King
Bruva Films
w/ The Soundworks
HSBC - 'Pink Ladies'
P&Co - 'Liars & Desires'
Agency - Hoi Polloi
w/ The Soundworks
FIFA World Cup 2018 - 'Get Social'
dir - Shari Solo
w/ Klein & Sons
S7 'Giraffe'
MTV 'Anxious Ident'
dir - Yukai Du
w/ Bliink
Crime & Investigation - Channel Idents
Agency - Hatch
w/ Mushka Music
Let's Do This IFLScience Let's Do This
w/ Bladesman Productions
IFL Science
Newscast Ident